Monday, February 01, 2010

How Green Are We?

What percentage of Americans participated in energy-saving activities within the past year?

Installed more energy-efficient light bulbs:  63%
Purchased energy-efficient appliances:  36%
Started paying bills online:  46%
Switched to paperless financial statements:  40%
Donated an electronic device for recycling:  41%
Swtiched from bottle to tap water:  29%
Installed a low-flow showerhead:  17%
Installed a low-flow toilet:  16%
Made home inprovements (e.g., windows, solar panels or insulation that provided government tax credits):  14%
Bought a more fuel-efficient car:  13%
None of these:  13%

Source: Harris interactive

What did you do?

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Anonymous said...

I suppose laughing my butt off at the way the wheels have fallen off the global warming bus does not count as energy saving?